FYI, played out has been “played out” since Curtis Blow said it in Christmas Rap back in the ‘80s, but it serves my purpose here. Lately, there have been trends going on that have quite frankly gotten numerous side-eyes from me in the past few months. Why you ask? I’m quite tired of them, I’ve either seem or heard about it too many times. Cue Jay-Z’s “I’m Off That”

  1. Colorism- It is sad that practices and beliefs that originated centuries ago still resonate with our people in 2011. Granted, some of us have preferences, but are we still going around still judging folks and refusing to associate with and date people based on the hue of their skin?
  2. Overworked-Sex Appeal– Sex appeal is one of those things that should come naturally, but if you’re overdoing it (*cough, Trey Songz) then it’s not so attractive. You need more people.
  3. Amber Rose– Yes, she’s a beautiful woman with the make-up and bleached caesar and I’d kill to have her body on call whenever I’m traveling to the beach, but I’m quite tired of home girl and her laying it low and spreading it wide, literally. It seems as soon as we go a week without Amber Rose related gossip/news, she finds someway to make herself blog-relevant again.Chile, go sit down.
  4. African-Themed Fashion Collections– It seems as though if you compile khaki, African-landscape, elephants, zebras and cheetahs and some made-up “tribal-looking” textile and not to mention ‘exotic’ looking models, you have yourself an African-themed collection. It has become quite boring, unoriginal and quite honestly a bit offensive that the only thing ‘fashionable’ that comes out of Africa are the animals and the jungle landscape.
  5. Mediocre Jobs after College– Let’s see, you go to school for 13-14 years being conditioned to believe that college is the key to success and a stress free life. You believe it and take the loans in order to get the degree only to graduate with a less-than pleasing job struggling to make ends meet. All the while Sierra, the C average class clown, is student loan free, now making $25 an hour right out of high school.
  6. Moscato- Ever since Drake said, “Lobster, steak and a glass of Moscato,” black folks who were never on wine have been running in droves to the sto’ for this sweet libation. Never mind the fact that it is a dessert wine, people drink it with whatever and whenever. So much so that it has become the ‘40’ of the new millennium. Broaden your horizons if you haven’t already, its more wine out there!
  7. Black-Female Bashing– Sigh….I don’t have the energy to sit here and give my thorough two cents on the issue. We saw the Psychology Today “study”, we heard the countless remarks from black entertainers and athletes, the YouTube videos and we read the comment sections of our favorite blogs daily. ENOUGH ALREADY! If you don’t consider us desirable, datable, attractive and/or wife-material, that’s just YOUR opinion. Don’t put us down to justify why we don’t want you you date outside your race or don’t associate with us.

So CT readers, what have you become ‘off’ of? What other things or people have become played out?


The Maturation of Style

"Mom Jeans" At 25? No thanks, I'll pass....

After months and months of being in denial, I finally came to the realization that I had outgrown my “forever 21” phase when I busted out of a dress walked out of the store empty-handed. While none of the designs are really appealing to me at the moment, the reality is I’m getting older and with that, my style is as well. I find myself torn, wanting to shop in the Junior’s section because the clothes are more “trendy,” but too juvenile trendy, but rather shop in Misses section, (yeah, I said “Misses” section), because the sizes are more suitable for my body type. The dilemma is many companies are not tapping into the market of the 23-30 year-olds who want to dress their age without looking as if they’ve stepped out of a Wet Seal or Talbot’s ad. Who want to achieve the grown and sexy look and not the old and boring look or childish and playful either. More and more I find it extremely difficult and frustrating finding apparel that is suitable for my age and I am sure those who are reading this will agree with me, male and female.  Have you ever seen a mother/daughter or father/son duo and its obvious physically who’s the parent, yet stylistically, you’re drawing a blank. In fact, this post came to mind as my sister and I had a conversation with our father when he revealed he wears Coogi and Rocawear….and by the way, he’s 55…..


While he tried to add the caveat that he buys the “dressier” kind without all the flashy monograms  and loud colors, the point is, NO man over 30 35 should be wearing Coogi or Rocawear, period. Which is another issue for a different post, but in general, urban fashion labels make millions of dollars off the black community, and majority of their designs are not suitable for people over a certain age *cough 25* (hey, I was being lenient earlier). Let’s face it, we like to be in style and there are some people out there who will wear whatever regardless of their age for the sake of being “in style” unfortunately. Until they create lines that are geared for the 25 and up group, urban apparel is one of many items that I put in my Do Not Wear After 25 category, along with cornrows and Aeropostale tees.

What do you think CoffyTalk? Any similar stories you have with finding age-appropriate clothing?

STYLE VS. TRENDY: What’s The Difference?

Fashions fade, style is eternal.

-Yves Saint Laurent

Me and TeasTer have numerous conversations monthly on the stylish vs. trendy debate. I find that people are throwing around the term “stylish” too much lately. So what you can put a cute outfit together, but does that make you stylish? There are tons of blogs springing up with individuals showing off their fashions daily, they’re “trendy,” but does that make you blogworthy? I find that many people tend to think that trendy automatically means stylish and that’s where the problem lies. CONFUSION is what I call it actually. Style is effortless and timeless, meaning, piecing together an outfit shouldn’t take three hours to do; it shouldn’t read methodic or trendy.  Or just because you bought an expensive piece, whether it’s a bag, or a pair of shoes, doesn’t make you stylish either. And don’t me let me get on the brand names. Being stylish is the ability to set yourself apart from the trends and “do you.” Trendy, on the other hand, is temporary; whatever is “hot” at the moment, or following a pattern. Granted, we all wear trendy pieces sometimes, but you shouldn’t read trendy head to toe and on the regular. There are people on college campuses who are going into serious debt trying to keep up with the masses and following trends of the moment. At the same time, there are people who have difficulties being themselves stylistically because their style is not the norm and is not accepted where they live or on those same college campuses. What do you have to say on this issue CT readers? What’s your definition of style?

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