Only Bad News or Just Bad News Reporting?


Am I the only person who’s tired of hearing bad news? Just when I think I can’t hear any worse news, it’s a new day and the news is just as worse. If only what the media outlets reported was a true reflection of our country’s status, then December 12, 2012 might just be a reality after all. Kids killing kids, parents killing their kids, tsunamis, tornados, people fighting over McDonald’s jobs, etc., I mean, is there not any good news anymore? Given our economic crisis and the effects of it, I understand that there will be bad news, and it must be reported, but, it should be the media’s responsibility to provide a balance of news reporting for the public. Call me crazy, but I think there are some uplifting, aspiring reports out here that media outlets can report. Tell me more about the kids who received scholarships, citizens who took a stance against violence in their communities, SOMETHING! And for the skeptics, don’t say, “But it’s what the people want.” People are just use to hearing and seeing bad news, all I am asking is just mix it up. Am I really this naive to believe that there are positive things going on in the world???

Maybe with the approval of TeasTer and T.L.C. we will add a “Good News” portion to CoffyTalk.

Would you approve????

Fun Fridays:Playground Games…What Was Your Favorite?

“Slide, baby 1, 1…..”

Remember Gigolo?  How about Miss Merry Mack? Dodgeball? Tag? No matter your age, everyone had a favorite playground past time when you were younger. I stumbled across, a site dedicated to preserving documentaries of various American traditions and cultures. This particular video features a group of young girls back in 1967 doing their, “cheers,” as I use to call them. Check it out:



I decided to post this video today because it is a reflection of a tradition passed down from generation to generation. No one really knows who created these cheers, when or where they were created, but once you heard them on the playground you immediately became familiar and it would stay with you forever.

So, what was your favorite playground game or cheer?

Happy Friday! Go Rams! #fromaWahoo

Men And Women Meant To Be Forever Buddies And Never Lovers??

Ok CT readers, for the purpose of this topic we won’t mix religion and science because honestly we could go on for days about the controversy between the two. Today let’s think in the realm of science; so no Adam & Eve, Garden of Eden, and the forbidden fruit. We shall focus through science and the notion of the evolution of human beings over the course of history.

I stumbled upon his article on The Onion titled, “Science Confirms Men and Women Never Meant To Be More Than Friends.” I found myself astounded that scientist think they really evidence that men and women were meant to be nothing more than just really good friends. Are you kidding me?!?!? If you want to think in terms of science and evolution, none of us would be here if our parents didn’t feel more than just friendly attraction for one another. How do they seriously expect for the world to procreate if no one has an sexual attraction to one another.

The article claims that DNA evidence in the mapping of the human genome possibly states that men and women are suppose to be nothing but platonic. I can assure you if that was the case then how did we get to this point in evolution? We didn’t make up these feelings and reactions on our own; I believe it’s genetically hardwired into our system to procreate, that’s why men have their parts and women have their’s. When you put those two together guess what….you can create a baby!

One interesting line in the article that stuck out to me was this: “…adding that humans are genetically hardwired in such a way that getting involved romantically can only ‘ruin everything’ between two people.” I think this line speaks volumes and is actually very true. When most relationships end, men and women find it extremely hard to revert back to a friend’s stage. Most people end up going their separate ways because it’s actually the only way you can truly move on to another relationship. It’s harder for feelings to dissipate down to friends when they are use to being lovers; old routines come into play and things just become more complicated which ultimately leads to a cut off.

How valid do you feel this scientific discovery is? Do they have a point or is it simply hogwash?

It’s All About Priorities in 2011

The New Year is always a poignant time for some because it’s when resolutions and goals are made. For me, I try to set goals, but this year I plan to get my priorities straight. What about you? What do you plan to focus on this year?

CT Wants To Know:

Anyone planning to make big moves in the New Year?? How about serious New Year’s resolutions, or commitments?? How do you plan to keep them??

What is it about the New Year that causes people to want to start afresh?? Why do we need resolutions to make a change or commitment??

Lets speak on it!!



When I hear young boys, for example, age seven or eight, reciting “Pretty Boy Swag,” despite my frustrations with kids reciting any Soulja Boy lyrics, I smile. I do this because I’d rather hear YOUNG BOYS sing, “Pretty Boy Swag” than grown men believing they are. As a woman, I find it disturbing the high levels of men walking around embracing this pretty boy phenomenon. Ten years ago if any man over the age of 18 walked around declaring they’re “pretty” and they weren’t a Kappa, side-eyes will ensue from men and women.

And I’m not talking about this:

These guys are a joke to me.  Isn’t it obvious? I am talking about the men, who are more “mature” and are indeed  attractive looking, but have a very feministic approach to their looks and dating. When the “metrosexual” trend took off in the late ‘90s, black men were NOT feeling that too much, but they rocked the buttom-ups and considered that as “stepping their game up.” Now, men are seriously embracing the pretty boy swag culture and becoming too conceited at alarming rates. I started thinking about this trend as a disease that I like to call, “prettyboyswagitis.” Its equivalent to being a metrosexual on the masculinity scale, yet, the brothas are more likely to suffer from this disease. Ladies, the symptoms include:

  1. He spends more time in the mirror than you.
  2. His beauty regimen will put Dr. Patricia Wexler to shame, (Google her).
  3. He takes the line, “I stay (insert brand here) down to the socks,” literally…
  4. He doesn’t believe he should approach a female.
  5. He is rarely in real relationships with women because he always manages to find a flaw, mostly physical, thus he only resorts to sex.
  6. His arrogance is confused with the following attributes: confident, laid-back, cool, etc.
  7. He loves female friends, not to get put on, but to have a female lackey following, to further stroke his ego and affirm he IS God’s gift to women.
  8. At social events, he shows up with his boys and will never break away from them.
  9. Most of his conversations consist of why he’s so “different” from other men. 
  10. Chivarly???? In his eyes, it doesn’t exist, going dutch again???


In all, I miss the days when men embraced the “rough,” hard-edge look, when it took a man less than a minute to get dress, but still look good, or when guys actually made an effort to approach you and asked to dance. What do you guys think?

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