And We Like Buffets Because…??

I’m sure there is no other country on this planet that has as many buffet chain corporations as America. Matter of fact, does any other country have buffets? Buffets just seem to be another American pastime. All you can eat for a fairly decent price, and best believe everyone will make it their business to eat their money’s worth. Of course it’s a great idea but no one ever takes into the factors that really come along with buffets. I decided to break it down into three categories: the good, the bad, and the just plain nasty.


Paying 6-15 bucks for an opportunity to eat all that you can fit into your stomachs and purses if you’re really desperate. You get to pig out on the usual foods that you necessarily wouldn’t be able to. It’s your opportunity to taste those dishes that you know are totally bad for you but hey, if it’s in front of you why not scarf down a few. You don’t have anyone telling you to eat your vegetables because come on let’s be real, who eats healthy food at buffets?


The thing that racks my nerves is that all the food is just out in the open. People pick, prod, and scramble through food just because they have the option to pick the best out of what they want. Kids walk around sneezing and doing all kinds of things, people talk over the food as they put them on their plates. Some people even have the nerve to put things back on their plates that they all of a sudden don’t want. This is making me sick just thinking about it.


Ever notice that they bring out this food in amazing fast time?  To me, there’s something wrong if food comes in and out as quickly as it does at buffets. Also, I know you all know about this one: when you pick a plate out of the bin and it still has food on it (gag) so you put it to the side and pick up another one that’s clean. Seriously, what makes you think that plate is even cleaner than the one that actually had visible food on it?!??

On a serious note, buffets are doing nothing but promoting the ever climbing obesity rate in the United States. We are eating our lives away just for the sake of being able to do it for cheap. Who could resist food when it is put in front of you like that? Buffets allow no type of portion control, actually the word portion doesn’t even make sense in the same sentence as a buffet. Besides, the plate thing should be enough to turn you off from them anyways. (ughk)


No Mother Can Replace A Father.

Father’s Day was yesterday and once again all of the facebook statuses, tweets, and myspace messages about how people are so grateful that their moms have been both mothers and fathers to them. There are profile pictures being changed to pictures of mothers. I seriously thought that it was mother’s day all over again. I understand that a lot of men, especially in the black community get the stereotypical rap of not being fathers to their children which in turn leaves the single mothers to handle both motherly and fatherly responsibilities for the children. I commend mothers for the jobs they take on that they just shouldn’t have to, but in the end a father’s role can never be replaced through a mother.

Because of an absentee father, there are just some things that a child will miss out on. In a perfect world with a complete home, the father is the provider, the staple of the family. He also represents different things to both sons and daughters. In a sons life, he shows him how to be a true man and also by how he treats his wife, how to treat a woman. In a daughters life, he represents the caretaker in her life and the person she chooses to marry will have the same values that are instilled within her father.

Women are the most resilient creatures on this planet. We have the amazing ability to adapt to whatever situation we have to take on. Single mothers have been amazing in raising their children the best way they can under the circumstances. Even though we are all of these things, a father’s role in a child’s life can not be replaced. No matter how hard you try to elevate a mother’s duties, she will never reach the pinnacle to replace a father’s influence.

I’m not saying that people that have come from broken homes or absentee fathers are missing anything within themselves. I happen to be a product of it. I am just pointing out the fact that a father’s void can never be fully filled through a mother.

We see mothers getting uplifted on father’s day..what about the dads that are doing it all by themselves? What about the women who have left their children all alone with their fathers? How often do you see a dad being praised on mother’s day? Although it is very uncommon, it is an occurrence.

I think the best thing is to just give each parent the right to their own respective holidays. Let father’s day be just for the fathers. Just as there are deadbeat dads across the world, there are just as many decent, hardworking, and respectable guys that are talking care of their children. I’m sure men already feel as though they don’t get enough credit as their roles within their families and children; let’s give them the praise that they do deserve.

Is It That I’m Bougie, Or People Need To Do Better?

Maybe it’s just me. I guess I’m wrong that I like the finer things in life and I refuse to settle for anything less than that. I don’t want to go to every hole in the wall and I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck. I want to be more than just street smart but educated also. I tend to talk differently than my peers or act a certain way that’s not identifiable with my culture at times. Does this make me bougie?

Sometimes I think people are quick to call others bougie when in all actuality, they just need to do better with their lives. Let’s face it, they’re hating! They see someone in the position they want to be so they try to bring them down to their level. Just because someone doesn’t tolerate the same things you do doesn’t make them any less of who they are.

We all have those family members that just can’t seem to get ahead in life. Matter of fact, they probably could but choose to stay where they are and just aren’t proactive. They see you doing well with all your nice things so they try to hit you up for money, a car ride, a place to crash (live) etc knowing that as a family member you have their back. As soon as you no longer want to be a personal ATM, they think you getting all “bougie” on them by not wanting to help because you got so much to go around. In reality, they just need to be trying to get to where they want to be.

Don’t get me wrong, there really are some bougie people among us. They are so high on their horse that they can’t see anyone that’s not on their level. Anything lower is just unacceptable. You know I just had a thought about Janet Jackson’s role in For Colored Girls. If you’ve seen that then you know what I’m talking about. That fits the characterization I’m trying to portray here.

Bougie seems to have different interpretations that vary through different social and class levels.

What does bougie mean to you?

Gender Hierarchy: Men First, Women Second..

One issue I have always wavered about is the dynamics of the roles between men and women. Please excuse me now if this turns into a rant but I can’t believe it’s took me this long to actually bring this topic up on CT. Relationship talk gives me headaches so you have to know that if I’m talking about it then I feel strongly about it LOL. I have a major complex with men being the “head” of a family/relationship only because of the way it affects the communication area which leads to other things. In no way am I about to go on a feminist rant because honestly I would love to hear how men feel about this topic; so I’ll give my opinion first.

I believe that the man should be the stronghold of the family; essentially making sure that a level of standard is maintained within the household. I absolutely have no issue with this. My problem comes around when decisions aren’t made together between a man and woman because he feels as though as the man, it is his right and duty to make the decision without informing his partner.

Example: In one of the real housewives of (insert whatever city it is), the husband got in a little too over his head with expenses and therefore his home went into foreclosure. The wife had no idea the family was in this much financial trouble until the actual foreclosure notice came in the mail. Because of this mistrust, it cost them their marriage if I’m not mistaken. He wanted to protect his family so his intentions were good, but because he felt that he was the “man” and therefore held all the responsibility, he made all the decisions without informing his wife that led to bankruptcy.

Nowadays men feel as though they have to hold so much responsibility in a family to the point where the decisions they make often aren’t what’s best for the family in general; but what sounds good in their head at the moment. What’s wrong with being equal? If you’re not alone in a situation and the decisions you do make affect not just you, why wouldn’t you want to consult your supposed better half?

Don’t get me wrong. I want my man to be a MAN. Therefore, if there is something you feel strongly about, just run it past a sista so I won’t be feeling stupid or deceived if something goes wrong. I’ll trust your judgement if it doesn’t sound completely ridiculous; and honestly when we make big decisions it’s always good to have a second opinion.

I think gender hierarchy is one of the leading communication issues between men and women. We as two different genders feel entitled and are almost conditioned by society to act a certain way; and when we don’t hold up that standard we become seen as less than our perspective gender or different in a way the other gender wouldn’t want to be bothered with.

My apologies if I am a bit all over the place; it’s only because the situation is difficult in itself.

I could get deeper into this but the headache is coming on…

How do we find that balance?

Want A Faster Way To Fame? Just Make A Sex Tape/Nude Photo/ Drink Tiger Blood..

Having a hard time finding your niche in Hollywood? Do you need just a little push to put you into the superstar stratosphere? Try what celebrities are doing now: make a sex tape and let it find its way to being public, take a nude photo…or simply talk about trolls and tiger blood!

Ok let’s be real here, I’m pretty sure no celebrity wants to have a sex tape or nude photo released but ultimately it always seems to work to their advantage. They take the unfortunate situations and turn it around to attract more attention from the public. And in some situations like Charlie Sheen, our stupidity will turn from controversy to just plain…duh-winning! We’ll get back to him later though…let’s look at some examples..

The Kim Kardashian/Ray J sex tape. This tape got crazy press and the most interesting part is that the whole controversy occurred during the filming of a reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardasians” which follows the lives of the Kardashian family. It was clear from Kim’s reaction on the show that she never intended for the tape to be seen by anyone else. From that point on though Kim Kardashian’s fame seemed to increase; not because she was a victim in the situation but because of….well I think you can figure that part out LOL. The point is even thought the situation was really bad, in the end it worked out favorably for her. She has gotten more and more opportunities because of her heightened sex appeal and “publicity”. I’m not condoning how her fame increased but honestly, it is what it is.

Chris Brown’s nude photo. I think we have seen numerous nude photos leaked in the past few months but Chris Brown’s is fresh off the internet press. Apparently he was sending his ex-boo a picture and I don’t really know what was the point in sending her a naked photo if yall not together but hey, do you. Think about this though, it’s pretty interesting that this “scandal” happens right before this album is set to release on March 22 which is titled “Fame”…go figure. It seems as though nude photos are just not surprising anymore to the public. We have seen everything from political figures to famous singers/rappers have pictures leaked to the public. You would think you would be more careful with the company you keep or who you piss off.

Charlie Sheen point blank. I’m not even going to lie I had never  heard about Charlie Sheen until all of his insane antics became of such interest and I think the fact that I now know who he is proves my whole point. Clearly the man has lost something along the way but once again, it wouldn’t be American-like not to be entertained off of someone’s ridiculous behavior. Between the tiger blood, winning and bi-winning, and trolls who create cell phones it just leaves one question to be answered….ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!! Of course you are and I think I can speak for most people when I say I’m enjoying every minute of it. Matter of fact I’m laughing as I type this right now. The end product here is plain and simple, Charlie Sheen is getting more exposure than he has in years..he made a twitter account and reached 1 million followers within 24 hours. I’ll just leave you guys with one of my favorite lines of Mr. Sheen:

‎”I am on a drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available, if you try it once you will die.”

Daddy’s Little Girl..

While working one of my many side gigs, I got a chance to be at a marvelous event. The event was strictly for fathers and daughters only. The purpose was the give fathers and their daughters an opportunity to be together and spend quality time; time that usually is scarce with working, school, and just the hustle and bustle of life. It was such an amazing sight to see, and you could see the love between the relationship of a father and daughter.

One story in particular caught my attention. A gentleman was being recognized because he was a single father of four children. He is an entrepreneur and all of his children are well beyond average in their studies. As a single parent he finds a way to be there for his children. Out of his acceptance speech the lines that stuck with me were, “I don’t have to do much, they just make me look good. I wake up in the morning and I love my children.”

What has happened to the relationship between a father and daughter? Just as a boy learns how to love his future wife by the way he treats and respects his mother, the same goes for a young lady. Young girls will always learn the best way to love their significant other from the relationship they have with their fathers. Nowadays, most girls don’t grow up with the influence of a male figure therefore they don’t know how to allow a man to treat her. She doesn’t understand the respect she should have for herself because she never had a father that respected and loved her enough to be around.

It was wonderful to see fathers dancing with their daughters and making them feel extra special. It reinforces the notion that regardless of how much life gets in the way, you’re daddy will always love you. He will be the sustaining factor in your life of strength. It was truly nice to see that the father/daughter relationship still exists in our society.

Ladies, got any special stories about your father you would like to share that has made him such a powerful force in your upbringing?

White House Setting The Standard For Change..

Although this piece of information may not have not have been a headliner, it is pretty important for our country regardless because it shows the direction and movement in change. Recently the Obama administration introduced Jeremy Bernard as the new White House social secretary. Bernard is the first man and openly gay person to serve in this position. Both aspects seem to be evenly monumental as women usually hold this position and also the fact that he is openly gay.

“Jeremy shares our vision for the White House as the People’s House, one that celebrates our history and culture in dynamic and inclusive ways,” President Obama said in a statement.

Bernard definitely isn’t in this position to fill any type of social quota. At only 49 years old Bernard has been a force within  Democratic  politics and also the advancement of gay rights. He helped to raise millions for Obama’s presidential campaign. Currently Bernard was the Senior Advisor to the Ambassador at the US Embassy. Prior to that role, he worked for two years as the White House Liaison to the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Bernard leaves his post at the US Embassy in Paris to become the first man in more than 200 years of the White House’s  history to be named as the chief host and event planner.

I believe one thing we can take for this monumental event is that your social, cultural, or even racial difference don’t have to dictate how far you get in life. If you work hard at what you want to do in your life, those aspects won’t become a factor. If you use those aspects as a crutch, then you won’t get nearly as far as you are capable of going.

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