Should Flopping Be Fined In The NBA?

I think we already know that there are a few NBA players that could also have a good career in acting. A couple nights ago while watching the series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder, I witnessed one of the best flop jobs that I hade ever seen. While the commentators were in disbelief that Tyson Chandler was charged with a technical foul for supposedly forearming James Harden, one raised the question of imposing a fine from the league for overexagerations such as the one that had just occurred. they kinda argued about that but in the end didn’t really come to an agreement about it.

In my opinion, I think that something needs to be done in order to prevent actions like this from occurring. As much as it is a apart of the game, first glances that the referees see and make calls on at that moment can have a tremendous affect on the game. Later on they see the film afterwards and realize the big mistake they make. I’m sure they remember player’s habits when it comes to those things also and they can also make the wrong decision that way.

Should the league take actions to prevent players from acting on the court? Or should they just let the players play the game how they see fit?

I think some level of respect needs to remain on the court. Players whining and faking actions on the court takes away from the true competitive spirit and toughness of the game.

Just in case you didn’t seen the flop, here’s the video below.


The Lakers Just Got Swept..Now What?

Besides yesterday being Mother’s Day, another joyous occasion occurred. For the first time in a very loooong time, the Lakers will not be in the champion game! Not only were they eliminated from the playoffs but they were completely swept in the series against the Mavericks. For those of you who don’t know what swept is, it basically means that they did not win a single game in the series between the two teams. So here we are; a constant in the playoffs no longer exist which means we will have a new NBA champion. Who will it be?

I have no idea who will be the last two standing but I’ll state a couple things that I am sure of. I firmly believe that the Heat will be in the championship. As much as I hate the ridiculous trio of South Beach, they have found the chemistry that took them half the season to achieve and they are in full effect. I believe that they will take the series against the Celtics. The Bulls would be nowhere without Derek Rose (sigh) but they won’t get ahead on his talents alone past the Heat. It will end up being the Bulls vs. Heat for the eastern champion with the Heat grabbing the spot in the finals.

The western side is a little more interesting. The Grizzles are playing really well right now and I feel as though it will ultimately come down to the Grizz against the Mavs for the western conference championship. I feel bad for Oklahoma but I don’t think they have players to propel them to the next level. Although the Mavs knocked out the reigning NBA champions they will definitely have their hands full dealing with the Grizz.

For all of you Laker fans that are still bitter, please don’t go out and do this when you get frustrated that you’re not #winning..

What are you guys predictions? Don’t hold back! Also, please feel free to use this space to express your own rejoicing about the dethroning of the Lakers!

Poll: Is the F* Word Worth $100,000?

By now we’ve all heard about Kobe Bryant’s homophobic outburst and subsequent $100,000 fine. Let’s not delude ourselves: we’ve all said hurtful, mean, or spiteful things out of anger–often times things that we don’t mean. But Bryant’s fine has more to do with proving a point than anything. Derogatory slurs–whether racial, homphobic, or otherwise–are simply unacceptable. And while many agree that he was wrong in his actions, they are some that don’t see the point in punishing him for words simply said in frustration. Here at CT, we want to know where you stand on the issue.

How’s Your Bracket Doing?

So a day of the NCAA Tournament has passed. Unfortunately TLC didn’t get a chance to put together a bracket this season. *ahem* I would just like to mention now that I did win a bracket pool at my job a few years back so I do know a thing or two. Luckily for you guys I really haven’t kept up on the teams this year so I extend a little friendly competition to you, the CT readers.

Let us hear your sweet 16, elite 8, final four, and final predictions. Also, for your final predictions what you think the score will be. Respond to this post and whoever has the best predictions will get a special shout out from us! I know there have been some upsets already in the tournament so you still have time to switch up your predictions on here. We will only accept submissions TODAY so it will only take a few minutes to jot down your responses in the reply area.

If you want to be discreet and don’t want anyone biting off of your ideas, just send your predictions to our email at

In case you didn’t know, all of the games are being streamed live online on, or on your iPad, iTouch, or iPhone with the NCAA March Madness app for free throughout the whole tournament. Yes, I have been sneaking and watching all day at work.

Happy bracket predictions!

NBA League Trades: How Do You Feel About Them?

The NBA has been in a frenzy since the all-star weekend. All-star weekend officially marks the midway point through the season where teams really need to crack down and get in position for playoff spots. It also brings about the ending of the trade deadline. Now I know the deadline ended yesterday evening and many of you have thoughts about these smart, crazy, and just flat out ridiculous trades so of course I am giving you a chance to vent on CoffyTalk. Here are a few of the big trades:

Celtics trade Perkins to Thunder

Thunder get:
• C Kendrick Perkins
• G Nate Robinson

Celtics get:
• F Jeff Green
• C Nenad Krstic

Clippers’ Davis to Cavs for Williams and Moon

Cavaliers get:
• G Baron Davis
• 2011 first-round pick (Clippers)

Clippers get:
• F Jamario Moon
• G Mo Williams

Deron Williams goes to New Jersey

Nets get:
• G Deron Williams

Jazz get:
• F Derrick Favors
• G Devin Harris
• 2011 first-round pick (Nets)
• 2012 first-round pick (from Nets, originally owned by Warriors)
• Cash considerations


Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks

Knicks get:
• F Carmelo Anthony
• G Chauncey Billups
• F Renaldo Blackman
• G Anthony Carter
• C Sheldon Williams

Nuggets get:
• F Wilson Chandler
• G Raymond Felton
• F Danilo Gallinari
• C Kosta Koufous
• C Timofey Mozgov
• $3 million in cash
• 2014 first-round pick (from NYK)
• 2012 & 13 second-round picks
(from Knicks, originally owned by Warriors)

Timberwolves get:
• C Eddy Curry
• F Anthony Randolph
• 2015 second-round pick (from Nuggets)
• $3 million in cash

In my opinion Carmelo Anthony looked awesome in the blue and orange (wahoowa!) and even though he had very limited time with the Knicks, he managed to shell out 27 points, and 10 rebounds in his debut last night at the Garden. Not bad at all if I do say so myself.

Even though these are only a few of the trades, which ones do you like, don’t like, and what would you have done differently?

When Twitter Attacks, And The Rubble Left Behind..

Twitter is a wonderful place in the cyber world where people from all over can come together sharing similar and different ideas. Twitter can also be a vicious place where lives are destroyed and interrupted through random trending topics, gossip, and fake deaths.

The most recent victim of twitter attacks is about Jay Cutler, quarterback of the Chicago Bears. He got major heat because he left his conference championship game in the 3rd quarter with an apparent injury. He looked fine on the sideline and people really thought that he had given up because the game was out of reach for his team.

Players from all over the league were tweeting about Jay Cutler questioning is “toughness” while the game was in action:

Jacksonville Jaguars star running back Maurice Jones-Drew tweeted: “Hey I think the Urban Meyer rule is in effect right now…when the going gets tough… QUIT” and added “All I’m saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee…I played the whole season on one.”

Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel also joined in on the Cutler bashing, tweeting: “If he was on my team I’d be looking at him sideways.”

Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett added: “If I’m on Chicago team Jay Cutler has to wait till me and the team shower get dressed and leave before he comes in the locker room!”

Former great Deion Sanders chimed in too, writing, “Folks i never question a players injury but i do question a players heart.”

Redskins wide receiver Anthony Armstrong had the tweet of the day, tweeting: “Knee-Gate in Chicago.”

Turns out Cutler had a very legitimate injury, a sprained MCL. I think the fact that Culter has a legit injury isn’t the question; the question is when you are playing for the chance to go to the SuperBowl, wouldn’t you fight through it? Wouldn’t you do everything you can to help your team win by sacrificing your own pain? Didn’t Kobe play all season with a broken finger and win a championship? I think these questions are why NFL player especially are suspect his efforts. When it all comes down to it, those players were sitting AT HOME watching the game…not actually playing in it.

You cant talk.

What do you guys think? Did he just not have enough heart? How do you feel about players bashing a person’s toughness?

Complaining Only Makes It Worse…

The Washington Redskin’s Albert Hanesworth complained all season about how he didn’t want to play in the new defense. Recently, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reed and starting quarterback Mike Vick are complaining about the tough hits Vick takes because he is a mobile quarterback. What did complaining do in both situations??….only make it worse. Sometimes I think players are just becoming divas, only playing when they want to play and complaining about hard hits. If something isn’t going your way, you do something so that no one will try you again.

Where did complaining get Hanesworth? got him suspended the rest of the season with no pay, which means he is loosing about 847 million dollars. That seems like a lot of money right?? Well, it’s chump change to him seeing as he is expecting a 5.5 million dollar bonus in April of next year. What does he loose?..his credibility as a player. No one is going to take a player that will refuse to play if it isn’t a style his is accustomed to. Although he probably feels as though he got over on the Redskins, he won’t be thinking it for long when no one picks him up. Another sad thing about the situation is that although he hated playing in the position, he was for the few games he decided to participate, very effective. I think the fact that he didn’t even want to see how he could make a difference hindered his efforts to produce any real results. Goodbye Albert, I know you won’t be a Skin next season.

Oh Mike Vick, you have become one of the hottest players in the league. You are exceptional not only because of your incredible arm, but your ability to move outside the pockets and prolong the play. You run through the defense at will picking up big yards as if it is nothing. Wait, that sounds more like a running back right? I’m sorry, I actually have no sympathy for Mike Vick complaining to the league about the hard hits he is taking. You committed to being a quarterback first. The minute you decide to take off and run the ball you become a runner, and therefore can be tackled any way necessary in order to get you down. Andy Reed also mentioned the fact that if it were Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, then flags would be called, and its true. The difference is that Brady nor Manning run with the ball half of the time, they are true throwers. On the other hand, Manning and Brady are the coverboys of the NFL so a lot of things will go their way. Also, when you continue to destroy defenses every week with your constant out of the pocket plays, they will purposely gun for you, proving that you won’t do the same thing to them. So what does this mean Micheal Vick? It means that you show them why you’re Micheal Vick. Find a way to be effective. Stop whinning, they’re just going to go after you more.

Here is a visual to go along with Vick’s case. I’m on the fence about it because yes he was on the sideline but you also don’t know if he was going out of bounds or just riding the line. Either way, he was still hit in bounds so no foul was called.

You make the call. Does it warrant a foul? Unnecessary roughness?

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