“The Black Entertainment Complex”

 Hee-larious Quote of the Week: “You see my face??? I ain’t even worried ‘bout dat.”

FOX News anchor, Laura Ingram decided in a news segment to call out the NBC network for allowing Chris Brown to perform in light of his past and recent antics. Unsurprisingly biased, they set out and found three #teamCBreezy fans who, well……..kept it real and were obviously not aware that they were talking to FOX NEWS! SMH..

At the 3:21 mark, FOX News Correspondent, Jehmu Greene, said the following:

“In Chris Brown’s example, he is a prime example of the black entertainment complex- not holding him accountable”

Hmmm, “the black entertainment complex.” Interesting. Peep the video here and share your thoughts! In the black community, should we hold black entertainers more “accountable” for their actions? In what way?



Why Do We Cookout on Memorial Day Weekend?

Even though we all know what Memorial Day Weekend stands for, many people get lost in the act of remembering our fallen soldiers and officials that have fought to keep out country safe. I personally don’t know anyone that has fought for our country but it is a day to remember. Nowadays, people take the advantage of that extra day in order to head to South Beach or plan a cookout. I then thought about the usual cookouts my family and friends usually have on this weekend. It then made me think…where did the idea of cooking out come from?

Memorial Day Weekend is usually designated as the beginning of cookout season. I wasn’t able to trace down the origin of cookouts, but for the purposes of Memorial Day it’s an opportunity to spend time with your family that otherwise on a regular weekend you wouldn’t be able to do. These individuals fought and died for the right for us to live freely in our country. It is only fitting to celebrate their dedication by enjoying time with our families.



Is Hollywood Limiting Black Actors….To Dresses?

Martin= Shenenah (Martin), Big Momma of ‘Big Momma’s House’
Jamie Foxx= Wanda (In Living Color)
Cedric The Entertainer= Mrs. Cafeteria Lady (Cedric The Entertainer Presents)
Eddie Murphy = Rasputia, ‘Norbit’
The Wayans Bros=’White Chicks’
Tyler Perry= Madea, The Madea franchise


I could have went on, but by now I take it you get the connection. It seems America loves black men in dresses.Why is this a trend? If the loud, obnoxious and angry black female is the typecast role for black actresses, then the funny drag role is that for black actors, especially black comedians. You have to question the image that Hollywood Execs want to portray black men when these projects are always getting green-lighted over projects that reflect black men in positive roles, as MEN. As far as the actors who take on the roles, you have to question, when enough is enough- the drag role is quite cliche’ to me now. All the ‘greats’ have done it, let’s move on. While roles and general opportunities were very limited for black men in the ’60s, ’70s and even ’80s, the roles that black men played were strong, inspiring, heroic, and masculine and these men, (e.g., Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Lou Gossett Jr., etc.) played these roles with dignity.

When was last time a black actor played a hero? I’m thinking late ’90s- Will Smith in ‘Independence Day.’ If someone comes up with a current role, please let me know. The fact that I can’t recall a recent role says a lot. Also, when I learned that my future husband, Idris Elba (ya’ll know), lost the role as Alex Cross (think “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider” movies, originally played by Morgan Freeman), to Tyler Perry of all actors, I wanted to start a revolt.  Excuse me movie execs, but NOTHING about Tyler Perry says: 1) Hero/crime-solver 2) Cross-over appeal, non-Madea. In addition, with the exception of a Star Trek, the only roles Perry has taken on was in his own films, which are notoriously known for being stereotypical. Hey, I’m just being honest. In comparison, Elba has experience in crime dramas, he was nominated for his role in the Luther mini-series, in which he played a Detective! Quite honestly, Elba encompasses everything that embodies a hero. Ok, so enough stanning over Idris, for the sake of this post, let me get back to my point—-> While its good that Perry is stepping out of his Madea character, I must give a side-eye to the movie execs for  the sudden drop of Elba for Perry. Will audiences really take Perry seriously, or will we see a more comedic version of Alex Cross à la Madea solving murder cases?

 I began to think about this recently when I saw a Youtube clip of Dave Chappelle on the Oprah show, (ignore the title, which will be discussed in a future post). He begins to talk about black actors in drag and his stance against it at the 1:41 mark.

So there are some black actors who refuse to go the “drag route.”  Is there really some “conspiracy” in Hollywood to emasculate black actors, much like the early 20th century minstrel shows, to which many in the blogsphere are referring to this phenomenon as such.  Furthermore, what are these portrayals of black women saying about the image of black women, particularly plus size women? Most of the roles played by these actors in drag are in fat-suits, not to mention that they are loud, obnoxious,and unattractive. Speaking of which, why is it that Keenan Thompson is the go to guy on Saturday Night Live when it comes to playing black women (i.e. Oprah, Star Jones)? Just some things to get you thinking.

Bottom line, its time for Hollywood to start taking black actors more seriously and give them more compelling roles such as action heroes, and love interests, etc.  As far as black comedians, as Dave Chappelle pointed out, your material will speak for itself, a dress and a fat-suit is not needed to induce a few laughs.

I’ll Say I’m “Nicety”

I found myself in several situations this week in which I really wanted to tell several people off  and for the people I have known for a while, I wanted to “tell them about themselves.” This phrase usually means a bad thing, and these people I am referring to could have taken it negatively, but I considered doing it for the betterment of themselves and well, for me. You see, I have a problem with being more frank with people…THE RIGHT WAY.  By THE RIGHT WAY I mean, I can’t constructively argue/criticize with someone. It either comes off as too nasty or too nice….there is no middle ground. I am so afraid of being labeled a “bitch” or nasty, therefore, I remain nice for the sake of keeping peace. There have been so many times when I wanted to say “let me tell YO A** something” to the co-worker, the hairstylist, the bill people, family member or  an associate on several occasions. I say “yes”  when sometimes I need to flat-out say “no.” I say “this is nice” when I really want to say “nah, I’m not feeling it, do it again.” I say, “that’s cool” when I should be saying, “I don’t agree with what you’re doing.” Oh, and my favorite conversation fillers, “lol” “smh” “ok”  and “wow” when I feel like saying, “alright, I don’t feel like discussing this, ttyl.”

When I think of a “pushover” I think of someone who allows other people to make them or  influence them to do things they don’t want to do. I think of meek, fragile, weak individuals and I am certainly none of those. I do have my limits and in the words of Bone Crusher, “I ain’t never scared,” (see photo)but I do need to find that middle ground. As a result of not finding this middle ground, situations have been lingering over my head with several individuals that need to cleared up- but I can’t seem to find the RIGHT WAY to say what I really want to say. I have been in this position due to circumstances such as fear of being labeled, “the angry black woman,” “the friend who thinks she’s someone mother,” “the know it all” or as I mentioned before the “bitch.” Also, in terms of dealing with family, you never want to come of as disrespectful, but there are sometimes when a family member needs to be checked too because they too can do  and say things that are flat-out wrong. *Let the congregation say AMEN!*

While this is a personal issue I am trying to overcome, I wanted to discuss this today because I am sure someone who is reading this who are in their 20s, whether you are a woman or a man, have dealt with this issue or will at some point in your young adulthood. That is, being honest and open with people and speaking your mind. Especially in the case when you’re dealing with an older individual. That feeling of, “should I be checking him/her?” comes over you, when you know (pause)…..that it is the right thing to do. I suppose this is one of my (and our) many hurdles in the quest to complete maturation, but I am finding it hard to get over the middle ground part. I PERSONALLY need to find a true balance between being too nasty and being too nice (because “too nice” is winning), for the sake of my adulthood and my sanity. I may not get there with you, but someday I will. Until then I’ll remain “Nicety.”


CT Presents: 2010-The In’s, Out’s & All Other Special Moments

We waited until the last day of the year to finally put our heads together to give you some of 2010’s most special moments. Whether you’re on your way to a warm destination, VEGAS, or staying put, CoffyTalk wishes you a happy and VERY SAFE new year! As hustle man Diddy would say, “drink responsibly.” Don’t be the dude getting tossed out of the club or the chick stumbling out of the club-NOT A GOOD LOOK. Oh, and special shout-out to all the folks hitting up the early church service before hitting the club *side-eye* at least you’re getting your praise on so I can’t complain.

So enjoy the festivities and expect big things from CoffyTalk in 2011, ya’ll come back now, ya’here???

Presented by Teaster, T.L.C. and The Queen

Trends of 2010

  1. Thinking that Barack Obama is some kind of “magical messiah”.
  2. Dumb Rapper Routine-Aren’t we all tired of hearing about rappers getting arrested over dumb ish? Driving backwards down one way streets with expired licenses and a bag of weed in the car? As ludicrous as that sounds so are these arrests. Get it together
  3. Twitter/Facebook beefs.
  4. The iPad..you can’t deny it’s greatness
  5. Black Women as the Scapegoat- I’m tired of hearing why we’re not getting men and how many pregnancies we’re aborting, etc. Let’s leave the blame game in 2010, and offer more solutions in 2011.
  6. $69.99 everything deal with Sprint

Things that are totally kewl for 2011: 

  1.  The return of real rappers, like Lauryn Hill and the rising popularity of other musicians like Marsha Ambrosius, J. Cole, Kid Cudi, and Ryan Leslie, music will hopefully get more creative and original again.
  2. Using social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook for advancement.
  3. More Financial Education -Obama can only do so much! Read up on how to make your money grow and save up!
  4. Glamourizing teenage pregnancy is no bueno. In 2010 the hit MTV show became more popular over the drama instead of bringing  awareness to the trend.
  5. Bring REALITY back to “Reality” shows- Stop being fake, rehearsed and scripted and let’s start getting real….again.
  6. Less Divorces! Let’s stay together! Marriage should become significant again and become more than just an insititution recognized by the state. C’mon people, lets bring back the love. That’s what we all really need.



Happy Holidays From CoffyTalk!!!

Whether celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or simply enjoying a break from work and school, our wish is that you have a safe, and blessed holiday weekend!!

Culture vs. Courtesy..Do You Let It Go?..or Go Off!

Scenario Time: So you’re having a conversation with someone and they suddenly say or do something very offensive to you…inside your mind you wanna lay this person out…but then you realize that this person is (insert ethnic/cultural background) and maybe they didn’t mean it that way. Should you let it go? Or should you give them a piece of your mind anyways.

We run across different people every day, we having different conversations with all facets of life.  The fact that people come from all over the world can sometimes create a barrier with social interactions. When do you draw the line between a misunderstanding and someone just being flat our rude to you? I know for me in the office place there are certain people that are just suspect to me. They interrupt an ongoing conversation just because they have something to say, even when it’s totally unrelated to what is going on! Or they feel the need to say something and it comes out as being totally rude. I talked to a co-worker who noticed the same thing and she brought up the cultural difference. I feel that people let certain individuals go because they think the person doesn’t understand the impact it has. In my opinion if you don’t let a person know what they are doing, they will continue to think it is OK.

I feel that sometimes we give people a “go free” pass because of the cultural difference, but at the end of the say we all have to accept common respect for one another, in whatever fashion it may be.

And the flip side..I know you all have seen it! There are people of different cultures purposely being rude because they feel as though no one is going to say anything because of the difference. Story time! I was standing in a very long line at 4am on Black Friday, and this guy who was in the same line previously and have already purchased something decides he wants to come to the front counter in front of all the people and purchase something else. For some reason he thought that he didn’t need to stand in the line before and we all knew he was acting as if he didn’t understand the situation. Now this guy had a very thick accent (I won’t reveal which one) and he must have thought that it would intimidate this guy into helping him out but clearly it didn’t work.  I’m like dude, you know what black Friday is so you have some experience shopping, why in the world would you think you could cut in front of a line that is running all the way to the back of the store!! I heard later apparently he was trying to cut in the line outside too and being very rude to people.

So what do you do? Give them the benefit of the doubt and let it slide? Tell them how you really feel? How do you know if it’s really a disconnect or a get over?

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