Men And Women Meant To Be Forever Buddies And Never Lovers??

Ok CT readers, for the purpose of this topic we won’t mix religion and science because honestly we could go on for days about the controversy between the two. Today let’s think in the realm of science; so no Adam & Eve, Garden of Eden, and the forbidden fruit. We shall focus through science and the notion of the evolution of human beings over the course of history.

I stumbled upon his article on The Onion titled, “Science Confirms Men and Women Never Meant To Be More Than Friends.” I found myself astounded that scientist think they really evidence that men and women were meant to be nothing more than just really good friends. Are you kidding me?!?!? If you want to think in terms of science and evolution, none of us would be here if our parents didn’t feel more than just friendly attraction for one another. How do they seriously expect for the world to procreate if no one has an sexual attraction to one another.

The article claims that DNA evidence in the mapping of the human genome possibly states that men and women are suppose to be nothing but platonic. I can assure you if that was the case then how did we get to this point in evolution? We didn’t make up these feelings and reactions on our own; I believe it’s genetically hardwired into our system to procreate, that’s why men have their parts and women have their’s. When you put those two together guess what….you can create a baby!

One interesting line in the article that stuck out to me was this: “…adding that humans are genetically hardwired in such a way that getting involved romantically can only ‘ruin everything’ between two people.” I think this line speaks volumes and is actually very true. When most relationships end, men and women find it extremely hard to revert back to a friend’s stage. Most people end up going their separate ways because it’s actually the only way you can truly move on to another relationship. It’s harder for feelings to dissipate down to friends when they are use to being lovers; old routines come into play and things just become more complicated which ultimately leads to a cut off.

How valid do you feel this scientific discovery is? Do they have a point or is it simply hogwash?


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  1. Deliquent Ryo aka Devil Ryo
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 12:04:20

    i’m on your side..
    is it really true about men and women meant to be forever buddies and lovers never??..
    if its true..i’m on your side..heheh 😀


  2. Jim
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 14:27:54

    Not to criticize but you realize The Onion is a satirical website (and formerly joke newspaper) that has been around for over a decade. The articles there are jokes to make people laugh.

    here’s some examples:,19236/?utm_source=recentnews,19679/,19156/

    And they do many not related to sports like one time I remember them talking about Pope John Paul II fighting crime secretly from the pope mobile.


    • TLC
      Mar 31, 2011 @ 14:37:17

      I’m actually aware of that and I enjoy reading The Onion. There do happen to be some people in the world that are married and have no sexual relationship with one another. They continue to be friends, don’t even sleep in the same bed together. Although it may not be serious, there are people who actually believe stuff like this. They rather not be lovers.


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